Color Theory: Orange

Dining room featuring various patterned textiles and orange shades
via the h​​ome of Martina Mondadori / Image via Guido Taroni

We are surrounded by colors, and with them being part of our everyday spaces and moods, we strive to find perfect harmony with the colors in our lives. As design trends come and go picking a color can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. We’ll be taking more analytical approaching and looking into a bit of the science of colors to help you perfect any palette. First up, the color orange. 

The color orange has always been associated with Autumn, so it felt fitting to start where our moods have been lately with the season. Although we tend to become a bit more sedentary in the cooler months, a true orange is typically seen as a very active and playful color.

Orange is created from mixing the pigments of red and yellow to creative this joyful hue. When you break it down, red is filled with energy and stimulates while yellow is associated with cheerfulness and happiness, making orange all about fun, joy and playfulness. The complementary color to orange is blue.

China Cabinet behind a small bistro table and chairs
​​Image via Wesly Moon featuring Lapel in Camel by Fayce Textiles
Swatches of orange textiles at Fritz Porter
From Left to Right: ​​Patmos in Burnt Orange by Susan Deliss  /  Lapel in Camel by Fayce  /  Colebrook in Coral by Blithfield

Orange for the Everyday

Orange is an "active" color because it causes us to react with our feelings.  It is a color that brings a high level of positivism, it is invigorating. Due to these benefits, we love this color to be used in the everyday, even if only in a small way. Whether that be a bouquet of flowers, patterned napkins, or a mug for sipping your morning coffee, orange helps us to look on the bright side of things.

Orange is the only color whose name was taken from an object, which you guessed it, an orange. Nature produces this color in the form of vivid sunsets, fire, vegetables, flowers, fruits, fish, among many other beautiful ways.

Two velvet chairs in front of fireplace with vintage mirror hung above fireplace on wall
​​Rose Uniacke Cotton Velvet in Golden Syrup

Get Inspired by Orange

Two chairs in front of fireplace with vintage sculptures, pots, and artwork and laid throughout room
via the home of Martina Mondadori ​​ /  Image via Miguel Flores-Vianna
Girl in orange dress holding orange flowers outdoors on the city streets
via Cara Coulson​​
Living Room with artwork of fruit hung above the sofa.
Interior Design via ​​Gary McBournie  /  Image via Luke White
Vintage image of three girls in vintage swimsuits and hats
Office space with large windows and upholstered corner seating
​​via Masion Levy
Hotel bedroom suite with orange walls and patterned textiles
​​via Kit Kemp Design Studio featuring Blithfield on the headboard and window treatments.
Living Room with large abstract artwork hanging behind sofa.
via the home of Ethan Cook  /  Image via ​​ Gay Gassmann

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