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Penny Morrison


Lux Lampshade

Curated Vintage


Marika Meyer

FP Collection



Thayer Coggin


Highland House


Curated Vintage


Maison Levy

Allem Studio

Filling Spaces

Custom Ordering

Meet Katherine, she handles all our custom orders at Fritz Porter and will be with you every step of the way. Learn more via the link below to get started on your custom journey.

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Textile Lines

Our collection of unique boutique textile lines showcasing a wide range of techniques and styles from all over the world.

Allem Studio

Adam Bray

Alice Pattullo

August Abode

Behl Designs


Charlotte Osterman

Erika M. Powell

Fanny Shorter

Fayce Textiles

Flora Roberts

Filling Spaces

Hamilton Weston

Helen Prior

Jean Monro

Josh Greene Design

Laine + Alliage

Lea Rutledge

Liberty of London

Lulie Wallace

Maison Levy

Maresca Textiles

Marika Meyer

Mistry Designs

Rapture & Wright

Rose Uniacke

Rouse Phillips

Serena Dugan

Studio Atkinson

Susan Deliss

The Vale London

The Long Weekend

Vanessa Arbuthnott

Volga Linen

Utopia Goods

Willie Weston

Zoe Designs

Textile Ordering

Meet our Textile Director, Becky, she handles all our textile orders at Fritz Porter and will be with you every step of the way. Contact her via the link below to get started.

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