Introducing New Colorways from Adam Bray’s Brown Paper Stripe Collection

London based interior designer Adam Bray is making waves in the design world, establishing himself as one of the leading designers practicing in the UK today. Known for his eye for color and creative collaborations, Adam's most recent partnership with Hamilton Weston Wallpapers has resulted in the award-winning Brown Paper Stripe collection.

Inspired by the interiors trend in the 1960s for manilla papered walls, Brown Paper Stripe is a playful take on the classic stripe. With Adam's innovative style and Hamilton Weston Wallpaper's expertise, the collection combines a refined and modern twist on the classic stripe, creating a stunning addition to any home's interior design.

Not content with resting on his laurels, Adam and Hamilton Weston Wallpapers have launched five soft new colors for the Brown Paper Stripe collection for 2023. This exciting new addition will bring even more options to those looking to add some fun and modern sophistication to their living spaces.

Overall, Adam Bray's Brown Paper Stripe collection is an example of how interior design can be playful and innovative while still maintaining a classic sophistication. It's no wonder Adam's reputation as a leading designer continues to grow, and we look forward to seeing more of his exciting collaborations in the future.

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