Rogue Interior's Tips for Mixing Centuries for a Modern Home

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FP Design Services featuring a vintage coffee table from Rouge Interiors mixed with modern furniture and accents. 

Meet our friends Rogue Interiors, a premier vintage and antique vendor located in Charleston. With a passion for hunting, gathering, and styling, Rogue Interiors is dedicated to curating unique pieces that will bring history and charm to your space. Kirstin and Terry, the duo that makes up Rogue scour the city and beyond in pursuit of one-of-a-kind finds. They believe in creating fresh and vibrant spaces by seamlessly blending antique pieces with modern elements. By juxtaposing an antique with a sleek modern object, one can instantly transform a space and breathe new life into classic pieces. We asked the Rogue girls if they could share their expert tips on how to mix centuries to create an modern interior that exudes character and unexpected harmony.

Anchor the Room with a Genuine Antiques

When developing a space, we always recommend starting with at least one genuine antique. A beautifully crafted chest, for example, can add warmth and serve as the focal point of the room. This antique piece acts as the anchor, providing a sense of history and grounding the overall design.

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Pair Antiques with Vintage/Modern Pieces

To give your antiques a contemporary twist, pair them with vintage/modern pieces. This combination adds depth and new life to the classic elements, making them stand out in a fresh and exciting way. For instance, placing a sleek modern lamp on top of the antique chest creates a striking contrast that enhances both pieces.

We love this Vintage Moroccan Dowry Console from Rogue Interiors mixed with the modern Bert Frank Revolve table lamp and a Thayer Coggin chair. 

Rogue Interiors at Fritz Porter

Create a Common Thread

To ensure a cohesive look, it's essential to establish a common thread between the antique and modern elements. This can be achieved through color, line, or shape. By incorporating similar hues or complementary patterns, you can bridge the gap between the different centuries and create a visual connection that harmonizes the space.

Freshen Up Antique Pieces with Modern Upholstery

If you have cherished antique pieces that need a bit of freshness, consider pairing them with modern upholstered furniture. This combination not only adds comfort and functionality but also creates a curated feel. By upholstering an antique chair or sofa with modern textiles, you blend the past with the present and infuse the space with a sense of history.

Rogue Interiors at Fritz Porter

Integrate Modern Art

Another great tip for mixing centuries is to incorporate modern art. Abstract paintings and sculptures can serve as focal points and act as a bridge between traditional and contemporary styles. By displaying modern art alongside antique furniture, you create a dynamic and visually captivating interior that reflects your unique taste and design sensibility.

For example with adore this corner by Fritz Porter Design Services featuring modern artwork by Laura Deems paired with a vintage lamp from Rogue Interiors on top of an antique chest of drawers.

FP Design Services Project featuring Rogue Interiors
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