70s Rewind

70s inspired living room by Mariell Lind Hansen
​​Mariell Lind Hansen

The Seventies were a wildly colorful, and entertaining decade. From the fashion and music to the decor and furniture, everything about that era had an energy like nothing else. The 70s are having a revival in the world of interiors this year, and we’re getting nostalgic for the chocolate browns and avocado greens, rich tangerine tones and mustard-yellow fabrics. From iconic checks to playful paisley patterns this decadent decade is sure to leave you feeling inspired.

Checks, Please!

Checkerboard print was a huge influence in the 70s, and we are loving these modern revivals. Shown here is 'Cosmos Check' in Punch from Ceraudo, 'Checkerboard' Fabric in Green from Studio Atkinson, and 'Glory Fabric' in Clove Brown from Shweta Mistry. 

70s vintage collage
A 70s Inspired Flat
A ​​70s Inspired Flat / Photo by: Francis Amiand

The Bold Prints of the 70s

This trend speaks to a time when color and print took center stage. Embrace this energy through textiles and decor. Shown here is 'Pretty Maids' in Winter from Vanessa Arbuthnott, part of the Lucy Rose Design Collection, 'Condesa' in Mushroom/Peony from Serena Dugan, and a bold lampshade from Fermoie in Fresco. 

70s vintage collage
The Playa Grande Beach Club Great Room Designed by Celerie Kemble
The Playa Grande Beach Club Great Room Designed by Celerie Kemble ​​// Photo by Patrick Cline

Boho Chic 

Rattan defined the boho aesthetic of the Seventies, and it remains an integral part of recreating that decades look. You can go big by filling your entire room with rattan—or opt for a single accent piece like a chair or headboard.

70s vintage collage
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