Our Favorite Floral & Vessel Pairings for Spring

Floral arragement in front of window
August Abode Anthurium Waltz Wallpaper /​​ Photo by Sam Frost

Spring is here, and as everything is beginning bloom, it’s the perfect time to introduce fresh florals into your home. Whether they come from your garden or the local grocer, make sure you have the perfect vessel ready. We're excited to be celebrating spring with Lily, owner and creative director at Flowershop, who is hosting our upcoming BLOOMS & BUBBLY: FLORAL DESIGN WORKSHOP. We've asked her to share her favorite Fritz Porter vessels and floral pairings for the season, so you can give your home an added dose of springtime freshness.

1. Marbleized Pitcher

We love a multi-use product like a pitcher, perfect for your favorite cocktail, adding character to your shelves or you can add a lively touch by turning it into a vase. For the marbleized pitcher Lily recommends a delicate Pink Dogwood or lovely Cafe Au Lait Dahlias to fill this vessel. 

Collage of Marbleized Pitcher, Pink Dogwood, and Cafe Au Lait Dahlias

2. Splatter Verona Vase

An urn-shaped vessel is perfect for those last-minute arrangements. It's narrow opening shape lends itself to not having to fuss much with the arrangement. Which is ideal when hosting! For this shape Lily recommends La Belle Epoch Tulips or Ranunculus. 

Collage of Splatter Verona Vase, La Belle Epoch Tulips, and Ranunculus

3. Spanish Olive Jar

For the bigger bundles or tall sculptural branches and leaves, turn to a tall vessel that can support the scale, such this 18" tall Spanish Olive Jar. Lily recommends some Yellow Oncidium Orchids or Birds of Paradise Leaves for this vintage beauty. 

Collage of Spanish Olive Jar, Yellow Oncidium Orchids, and Birds of Paradise Leaves

4. Vintage Vessel with Hole

A unique vassel can sometimes make the arragment more then the florals itself, and a statement statement vessel is perfect for making lovely decor with or without florals. In a vintage vessel like this, most florals will be a showstopper but Lily recommends some Green Kangaroo Paws or Green Lady's Slipper Orchid. 

Collage of Vintage Vase with Hole, Green Kangaroo Paws, and Green Lady
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