How to Arrange Florals for Interiors

Kitchen with flowers on island
Interior Design: Cortney Bishop, Florals: Flowershop, Photography: Katie Charlotte​​

Spring has started to bloom here in Charleston, and as we are surrounded by color outdoors we are reminded of the simplest way to bring that energy indoors, by introducing fresh blooms! Florals are a great way to add some color and effortless style to your space. The key is to think outside of the ‘vessel’ and embrace your surroundings. We spoke with Lily Peterson, owner and creative director of Flowershop, who is hosting our upcoming Blooms & Bubbly: Floral Design Workshop for her tips on how to arrange florals for interiors.

1. Make Sure Your Vessel is Watertight

This one might go without saying, but if you're using unique vessels, just because it looks like a vase doesn't mean it's meant to hold water. The last thing anyone wants is to come home to their cherished antique table ruined with water damage. 

​​Barrow Interiors / Photography: Katie Charlotte

2. Start with Your Vessel 

When choosing the florals consider the style of the vase before selecting. For a modern vase strong lines and less feminine flowers are better suited. For something more classic/feminine, try flowers with a high petal count (think roses or ranunculus), in multiples and with different heights to add interest and dimension. 

Interior Design: Cortney Bishop, Florals: Flowershop, Photography: Katie Charlotte​​

3. Consider the Scale of Your Florals

Try to ensure the scale is appropriate. If there are high ceilings use branches or taller bits of foliage. In a smaller room, by a bedside or coffee table it's important that the flowers don't overwhelm the space so keep those reigned in but thoughtful. A punch of color is good here.

@cortneybishop / Florals: Flowershop​​

4. Take a Step Back

Take a step back to assess the shape of the arrangement after the addition of every third flower or bit of foliage. This gives you the chance to really see how the arrangement is looking in you space as a whole. 

Interior Design: Barrow Interiors, Florals: Flowershop, ​​Photography: Katie Charlotte 

5. The End Goal is Not Perfection 

Take many deep breaths and remind yourself that perfection is not the goal when it comes to floral design. My favorite arrangements are ones that came from moments where I was just having fun or experimenting.


6. Be Wary of Placement

If the arrangement is located next to a sunny window or a vent blowing heat it's important to remember your flowers/foliage will have a shorter lifespan. 

Interior Design: Cortney Bishop, Florals: Flowershop, Photography: ​​Katie Charlotte
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