Maison Levy's New Collection Offers a Refreshing Connection to Nature

Discover Maison Levy's newest collection, Couette, a stunning pattern influenced by the serene balance inherent in nature. As you view this collection, Maison Levy invites you to take this moment to pause and appreciate the simple yet profound act of breathing – allowing the air to infiltrate the smallest spaces, both within and around us:

Let the wind dance through your hair and gently sway the trees, as we collectively regenerate our oxygen and renew the equation of life. This is not an obligation, but rather a shared experience, an opportunity to reconnect with the forgotten spaces where the air fills everything and creates movement. By focusing on the essentials, we can let our thoughts flutter like feathers in the wind, appreciating the delicate balance of lightness and weight that coexist in perfect symmetry. One cannot exist without the other. As we breathe in and out, we engage in a rhythmic dance with nature – respiration, inspiration, expiration – and we invite you to join us in celebrating this harmonious connection.

From left to right: ​​Couette Verdigris, Couette Grenet, and Couette 

Based on an original illustration by Nina Bonomo, Couette is a breathtaking print that captures the essence of nature's harmony. Offered in three distinct colorways – Couette, Couette Grenet, and Couette Verdigris – this exquisite design is available on both luxurious linen and sumptuous velvet.

Fragment of the original illustration by Nina Bonomo​​
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