Get the Look: A Daffodil Living Room

Colorful Living Room by Angie
Image by Julia Lynn​​

We recently did a feature on Veranda's newest book At Home in the South with author Stephanie Hunt. The book is an exclusive our tour that steps inside spectacular Southern homes created by a diverse group of innovative designers and architects that share one important credo: an abiding love of beauty. While flipping through the book, we were inspired to get the look of some of the inspiring spaces inside. When we flipped to this daffodil living room by Angie Hranowsky with shades of saffron, peach and fuchsia, we knew we had to get the look with #fritzporterfinds. 

About Angie Hransowky

Smart. Vivacious. Stunning. Timeless. These are the hallmarks of an Angie Hranowsky interior. Since publishing her first project in 2004, the Charleston-based designer has built an impeccable reputation for brilliant, intuitive designs that weave together the grace and elegance of her adopted hometown with rich layers of cosmopolitan sophistication, historical influences, and fine craftsmanship. Early training as a graphic designer honed Hranowsky’s natural talent and she continues to gain accolades for the freshness of her vision: her delectable interplays of color and texture, her chic mixtures of periods and styles, her astute interpretations of clients’ needs and aspirations.

portrait of Angie Hranowsky
Image via Angie Hranowsky​​
get the look collage
Sitting area in living room
Image by Julia Lynn​​
Get the look collage
Textile memos
Entry way with wallpaper walls and dog
Image by​​ Julia Lynn

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