Design Schemes Inspired by Motherhood

Frtiz Porter Owner & Principal Designer, Sarah Hamlin Hastings with her Mother

In the world of interior design, personal experiences and memories often serve as the driving force behind a designer's creative aesthetic. For Sarah Hamlin Hastings, the owner and Design Principal of Fritz Porter, her journey as a mother and her own mother's impactful design choices have led to the creation of two distinct and meaningful design schemes created with textiles found at Fritz Porter. Each scheme reflects a different aspect of her life, encapsulating both the practicality required in a bustling household as well as the daring and vibrant spirit inherited from her mother.

Scheme 01: Inspired by my Boys

Featured Textiles: 'Capretto' in Fog/Shale by Serena Dugan, 'Zig Zag' in Green/White by The Long Weekend, and 'Majolica' in Palm by Rapture & Wright, part of the Lucy Rose Design Collection

With four boys and three dogs in the mix, Sarah Hamlin is no stranger to the chaos and excitement that comes with a bustling household. "As a mom to four boys and three dogs, durability has always been a priority when selecting fabrics for our home. Indoor/outdoor fabrics have come such a long way - I love how these look and feel- and the fact that they can take a beating does not hurt! It certainly helps keep the peace in our rowdy household" This scheme is a thoughtful blend of functionality and sophistication, a testament to the resilient and elegant spirit of motherhood.

Scheme 02: Inspired by my Mother

Featured Textiles:  'Apperley Bouquet' by Jean Monro,  'Quill Weave' by Liberty London, 'Cotton Velvet' in Lotus by Rose Uniake, 'Le Floof' Brush Fringe Trim in Oxblood by The Vale London, 'Batik' in Teal by Susan Deliss, and 'Wise Ranger' by Vervain. 

In contrast to the practical considerations of her first scheme, Sarah Hamlin's second design scheme is a heartfelt homage to her mother's fearless approach to interior design. Recalling the vibrant and captivating formal living room of her childhood home, Hastings reminisces about the extraordinary combination of colors, patterns, and styles that defined the space. "My mother has always had a great eye - and she was never afraid to take risks when it came to decorating our home," she fondly recalls. "She painted our living room a deep teal blue, added a classic floral chintz to the windows and sofas, and finished it off with a brightly colored Chinese Deco carpet. I wish I had better photos of it than this, but trust me when I say, it was a wow factor! This scheme is my ode to her and that fantastic room where many fond memories were made." It pays tribute to the indelible impact her mother's design sensibilities have had on her own artistic journey.

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