10 Questions with Utopia Goods

Portrait of Sophie Tatlow and Bruce Slorach of Utopia Goods

Introducing the Textile Jungle of Utopia Goods

Say hello to Utopia Goods the newest addition to the Fritz Porter textile collection. To say we are jazzed about about this textile jungle making its way into our showroom is an understatement. Founded in 2012, Utopia Goods, designed by Bruce Slorach and Sophie Tatlow, produces a kaleidoscopic homage to Australia’s wild, wonderful playground of flora and fauna through unique handcrafted treasures, home furnishings and quality interior fabrics.

Our team got the chance to chat with Sophie Tatlow, one-half of the talented creative duo that makes up Utopia Goods, and asked her TEN questions from what the collection would taste like if it was edible to when she feels most creative. 

Let’s dive in.

Describe Utopia Goods in 5 words.

Colourful, exciting, crafted, layered and creative.

When do you feel most creative?

Earliest part of the day (dawn) when my mind is clear of the ‘noise’.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Where I currently reside - Sydney, Australia. The landscape and ocean is breathtaking.

Utopia Goods fabric draped over branches in outdoor environment.

If you could only read one book, what would it be?

That’s a TOUGH one. That’s like naming a favourite person. The dictionary? It’s full of wonderful words, great ideas, feelings and we’d be ‘wordless’ without it.

What design from Utopia Goods do you resonate with most? Why?

Paradise Cocoa is based on my thesis in an Australian National Park (The Daintree Forest).I love it for the colours (eleven hand printed colours), in particular the warm cocoa background, the plant and animal motifs, the large repeat, it’s sophisticated and whimsical all at once. It tells a story of the interconnection between animals and plants and always looks like a ‘furnishing or drapery’ artwork. There is much to love!

Utopia Goods Paradise Cocoa fabric as a table cloth with pomegranate sitting on-top.

What is the best gift someone could give you?

A delicious meal somewhere, or a holiday…:

If your collection was edible, what would it taste like?

Rocky Road Chocolate - complex, sweet and salty, layered, and an irresistible combination of chocolate, nuts, jelly, marshmallow and coconut.  A sweet surprise and adventure in every bite! You never know what you’re getting…

What should designers using your line keep in mind?

Our line is hand drawn, crafted, colourful, textured and carefully produced.  Whether you’re using the performance wovens or the hand printed linens, a bespoke and hand crafted furnishing fabric adds depth, great style and interest to all interior schemes. In regards to specifying the performance wovens, a designer can keep in mind that they not only look amazing and are beautifully textured and woven, but they also have fabric superpowers - UV stable (indoor and outdoor), robust, cleanable with a sustainable recycled component.

Process Sketch of a Utopia Goods fabric.

What are you most excited about these days?

In regards to Utopia Goods, the painting and textile exhibition we’re having next year and adding designs to the performance collection. Personally, my next ocean swim…

Why Fritz Porter?

The most beautiful curation of fabric lines and product and the creativity and the communication skills of the team. The Fritz Porter team are true professionals and understand the design sector intimately. It’s an honour to be represented by the FP showroom.

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