Get the Look: Patterned Gold

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Thanksgiving has always been surrounded by comfort. Gathering around the table with family and friends is a special occasion, so we love to dress up for this time. The ideal look is a comfortable take on glam, consisting of elevated pieces to make us look our best, even if we’re wearing pjs (we won’t judge). Whether you are dressing the table, bar cart or putting together your holiday look we’ve got you covered.  Just with something casual (and loose) then layer in textures, gold and plenty of print! 

Golden Hour

Happy hour but make it golden. Shake up your next cocktail in style, with golden bar tools and patterned glassware. 

Gold and Teal Barware from Fritz Porter.

Golden Layers

We love a layered look for the holidays. 

For Thanksgiving start with a something comfortable and loose (we love a good kaftan for this holiday), and elevate the look with layers of textured gold and bright turquoise. 

Gold Jewerly with Susand Deliss Textile Background.
Patterned red, blue, and cream textiles from Fritz Porte.r

MADRAS GEO in TURQUOISE by Maresca Textiles / Theodora in Plum by Susan Deliss /  Beatrix by Marika Meyer Textiles / Request Memos

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Collage of Fritz Porter finds that make up the Patterned Gold
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