No Green Thumb? No Problem, These Faux Florals are Making a Comeback

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If you're a florals enthusiast who lacks a green thumb, we've got good news for you— it turns out you don't need one to have beautifully potted blooms year-round. Faux flowers are making a comeback and they're better than ever! These quirky little creations are capturing the delicate beauty of real blossoms without requiring any maintenance—making them the perfect adornment for any room. Paper flowers are a wonderful option for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of flowers without having to worry about if they will last. Whether you're a natural gardener or have never even watered a houseplant, these pretty blooms are for you. 

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Meet Livia Cetti, the Woman Behind the Resurgence of This Centuries-Old Craft

Livia Cetti is an artist and stylist renowned for her handmade paper flowers. She lives and works in a charming old farm house in the Bronx, NY, making these paper bouquets out of tissue or crepe paper, scissors, glue, floral tape and wire. Inspired by the organic world, each piece is meant to be an impressionistic gesture capturing the spirit of the flower, and just like the real thing, no two will ever be exactly alike. She has been know for being at the forefront of the centuries-old craft's resurgence. Livia’s flowers have since taken her across the globe, creating installations and arrangements from Paris to Tokyo, even gracing a state dinner in Washington, DC. Her creations have been featured in the windows of Jo Malone and Tiffany & Co. to the pages of Vogue, T Magazine, and Architectural Digest.

The Beauty of Faux 

These faux flower arrangements are designed to mimic the look of real flowers, making the perfect addition to your home. Dress up your next tablescape or add some color to that corner in your living room— these faux florals will last for decades, so you can keep your home looking fresh for years to come. It’s no surprise that her florals are now being used in the most stylish of homes. 

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Keeping it Green 

There's even an environmental appeal to these paper blooms. These pretty faux blossoms are whimsical and delicate like the real thing but create less of a carbon footprint. While of lifespan of these paper florals may not last forever, it's worth pointing out that real ones often make their way to our homes after a long, polluting journey. And if you're replacing them weekly, it can really start to make an impact. These paper blooms last for decades, meaning when you invest in these faux beauties you helping to keep not only your home green, but the Earth. 

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So if you're looking for a beautiful way to brighten up your home or finding a more eco-friendly alternative, these flowers are it. They're easy to care for, they look great on display year-round and best of all--you don't need a green thumb! We've rounded up some of our favorite faux florals, whether your style is traditional or modern, classic or quirky, there's a bit of it all for everyone.

Large Paper Geranium in Burgundy

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Mini Cyclamen Plant

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Parrot Tulip Plant

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Mini Paper Geranium in White

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The Clover Plant

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