Meet Louise: A Bold New Floral from Maresca Textiles

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Introducing Louise, the captivating new floral from Maresca Textiles that pays tribute to the indomitable spirit of Kathryn Maresca's great-grandmother, Louise Bell. A woman of unwavering strength and Southern charm, Louise's legacy lives on through this striking floral design that exudes her commanding presence.

The resist technique used to create Louise makes each floral motif appear as if it was hand-painted onto the fabric, giving the design an artistic charm that is hard to rival. Whether on a sofa, a chair, or curtains, Louise's painterly style adds a sense of refinement and beauty to any space.

To further complement its beauty, Louise is available in six eye-catching colorways that blend seamlessly with the rest of the Maresca Textiles lineup. Each color option was thoughtfully curated to enhance a wide range of different design schemes, from those with bold, statement-making hues to those with more subdued, understated palettes.This design enriches the overall aesthetic of Maresca Textiles.

Painting Technique
photo credit: Meagan Shuptar @meaganshuptar

Digitally printed in Pennsylvania on a luxurious Belgian linen/cotton blend fabric, Louise features a repeat pattern of V-12.5” H-10.8”, making it ideal for both Lightweight and Upholstery applications. Custom coloring options are also available, allowing you to create a bespoke look tailored to your needs. Louise Floral is now available, bringing a fresh breath of creativity and sophistication to interior spaces.

colorway swatches of the collection
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