How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

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Spring is a great time to freshen up your home and give your space a much needed reset. While decluttering and organizing is essential, we find this as a perfect time to rearrange your home to make it feel new. From introducing new textures through your storage to adding personality through new decor and accessories, take a look at our favorite ways to refresh and liven up your home for Spring.

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Step One: Edit Your Space

As you look around your home, there are likely a few spaces that could use some love. Your entryway, living room, kitchen and bedroom and prime candidates for a spring refresh. The process of decluttering is one that can be done over time, but it's never a bad idea to take stock of your home and ask yourself if there's anything that needs to go. We get cluttered with things that no longer bring us joy or are broken beyond repair. Spring is an ideal time to declutter and make room for new items (and even just more breathing room). And remember, when you do get rid of things, make sure they're going to someone who will appreciate them!

Think Outside the 'Box'

Once you decluttered you now have stock of the items that need a place in your home. If you find there’s nowhere these odds and ends could go, then consider adding some storage solutions like bins or baskets, they add style while keeping clutter hidden away. Also take note of spaces in your home where clutter seems inevitable, if you notice shoes piling up in your entryway, sometimes adding a chic basket can be all you need to keep the mess at bay.

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​​François Halard, Vogue, May 2013

Have a Kept Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the most intimating when it comes to organization, but we recommend breaking it down into sections. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the idea of a full-on kitchen refresh, start by clearing out one cabinet at a time. Bring in storage jars and canisters to keep shelves and countertops looking tidy while adding style. Another way to make your space feel fresh is by introducing a new fruit bowl or tray to bring in new textures or colors while keeping things organized. 

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The One Item You Need to Make Your Space Feel New

Remember our post about our favorite simple swap to make your home feel new? Well this can apply to a spring refresh as well. Once your home is decluttered and organized, if you're still in need of a zhush  - don’t forget about pillows! Throw pillows are a low-maintenance but impactful way to give any room new life.

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