6 Color Trends for 2023 According to Veranda

Three rooms from left to right: Dining Room by James Mcdonald, Bathroom photo by Max Kim-Bee, and Living Room photo by Thomas Loof all via Veranda Magazine.
From Left to Right ​​Image via Jame McDonald, Max Kim-Bee, and Thomas Loof 

It's color forecast season and we were inspired by Veranda's predictions for 2023, you can read the full article here. For the upcoming year it's all about making your home a reflection of you. We're starting to see the use of bolder color but in clever ways. For those looking to be inspired we've been scheming with these colors in mind, take a look below.

Impactful Reds and Oranges

The industry is moving towards more saturated shades and we're all for it! For 2023, we're longing for more vibrancy in our lives, bringing a shift towards bolder colors. We loved mixing these shades to create an unexpected but balanced palette. When thinking of bold, expressive colors we usually associate that with being loud, but we feel that's not always the case, our textile director Becky LaRoches says, "When you use saturated colors in the same hue, they're treated as a neutral." Whether you want to add a dash of red or cover you walls in terracotta, get a head start on this trend.

Textile scheme for impactful reds and oranges
Featured Image via  Ricardo Labougle​​

"When you use saturated colors in the same hue, they're treated as a neutral."

-Becky LaRoche, Textile Director, Fritz Porter

Marvelous Magenta

Magenta brings the vibrant sprit we're longing for in the year ahead. Viva Magenta was named the 2023 color of the year by The Pantone Color Institute for its joyous yet powerful nature. Derived from red with subtle notes of purple, magenta flawlessly complements various palettes. Whether you're working with earthy hues, rich jewel-tones, or a softer scheme try introducing this vibrant color into your space.

Textile scheme for marvelous magenta
Featured Image via Max Kim-Bee​​

Unexpected Greens

The color green has always been a Fritz Porter favorite. The hue represents growth and renewal with a nod to nature. It's become a go-to neutral in the design world, but lately we're inspired by introducing this shade in an 'unexpected' way. Whether it's through a citrusy chartreuse or deep forest green, it may seem intimidating to cover your walls in an acidic green but the result will leave you swooning. 

Textile scheme for unexpected greens
Featured Image via James Mcdonald​​

"It’s all about our desire for creative expression, understanding that our surroundings influence our mental health, many are expressing their creativity in the home as a way to enhance their feelings of joyfulness and well-being."

-Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute

Crafty Shades

While nature has always inspired trends, in the upcoming year it's predicted that these earthy and natural hues will be taking over. Organic tones that are reminiscent of different types of wood, minerals, and even jewels. 'These colors ground spaces in comfort and stability while providing a nuanced backdrop to build off of.' 

textile scheme for crafty shades
Featured Image via​​ Thomas Loof

Elevated Blush

While bold colors are on our radar for 2023, we know that you can never do without a neutral to help establish a solid base. However, we've been seeing more warmer neutrals in lieu of cooler tones and these hues will be playing an important role for the upcoming year. While embracing a warmer disposition with earthy undertones, we see shades of blush popping up on the horizon.

Textile scheme for elevated blush
Featured Image via Thomas Loof​​

Alternatives to Black

Black will never go out of style, but sometimes it can feel a bit too dramatic. For 2023, we'll be looking for those alternatives to black that can bring depth and elegance. We're seeing deep chocolates with notes of violet and black on the rise, as well as rich shades of brown, purple, and green as an alternative to add that deep and moody character to your space in an unexpected and layered way. 

Textile scheme for alternatives to black
Featured Image via Brie Williams​​

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