All in the Details: 5 Designer Tips for Using Trim and Borders

Living room with a mix of patterns.
H​​enry Prideaux

Go from ready made to bespoke with trim and borders.

When it comes to good design, it’s all in the details. A simple (and inexpensive) way to add layers of interest and a bespoke feel to any space is through trim and borders. Trimmings include tassels, braids, fringing and let's not forget wallpaper borders, among others. The way we see it, it’s the details that can make any space distinctive, so add a strip of pattern to your pillows, make simple curtains feel luxe or add a dash of unexpected color to your space with trim and borders. 


Textile designer and interior decorator, Susan Deliss, loves to incorporate trims anywhere she can. "Trims are very versatile and I use them in all sorts of ways." says the designer. A favorite is to add a dash a personality to any pillow with her braided bands.

Get the Look: TEMERA BRAID in Burnt Orange and ANTALYA BRAID in Red/Indigo by Susan Deliss.

Pillows with trim
Susan Deliss​​


Fritz Porter Buyer, Daisy Finley, just recently renovated her home, "I was on a tight budget for decorating my house, so I had to choose a few spots to do custom window treatments and purchased ready made drapes for the rest." says Daisy. "For my guest room, I found some nice quality plain linen Pottery Barn drapes that wouldn’t break the bank, but I felt like they needed a little extra something once they were installed. I decided to add trim to tie in the color of my bedding and I am thrilled with the way it turned out! They really look like custom drapes for a fraction of the price."

Get the Look: JUNEAU in Coral by Belle Chasse.

Nightstand in corner of room with window behind.

"They really look like custom drapes for a fraction of the price."

- Daisy finley, Buyer, Fritz Porter


British interior designer Susie Atkinson, is bringing the border back. "The possibilities are endless in using borders!" says the designer, "If you want a more classic look, borders look fantastic around the skirting or cornice, or taken around doorways and openings as they highlight the architectural details of a room."

Get the Look: EDITH in Yellow and REGGIE in Yellow by Studio Atkinson.

Green and yellow bedroom with wallpaper borders as wall panels.
​​Studio Atkinson


Adding trim to a shade may be the quickest way to make any fixture look luxe. We love how our Temera Braid in Burnt Orange by Susan Deliss completely transforms the look of this simple shade. 

Get the Look: TEMERA BRAID in Burnt Orange by Susan Deliss.

Lamp and shade with trim by Susan Deliss
Susan Deliss​​

"They’re a great way to add color and interest to a room in an affordable and creative way."

- Susie Atkinson, Interior designer


Another fun way to our wallpaper borders by Susie Atkinson, is to create panels on the walls. "Used a dado height, applied to furniture or even to the tread of stairs! They’re a great way to add color and interest to a room in an affordable and creative way” says Atkinson. 

Get the Look: VIVIEN WALLPAPER BORDER in Black/White by Susie Atkinson.

Kitchen with table and chairs
Studio Atkinson​​
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