The Timeless Charm of Red, White & Blue

Red, White and Blue Collage

There's one timeless trio that never fails to impress: red, white, & blue — this classic choice has stood the test of time. Its enduring appeal ensures that your home will continue to look stylish and inviting for years to come. This color combination has proven itself to be a fail-safe choice for designers looking to create a stylish and cohesive interior. From the harmonious blend of warm and cool tones to the versatility this palette adopts, get inspired with #fritzporterfinds and scheme your next project with this both energizing and calming color combination.

Susan Deliss
'Batik’ in Roman Blue by Susan Deliss upholstered on the sofa in this space designed by Susan herself. 
Interior Design by Nicole Salvesen
‘Rose and Fern’ from Jean Monro on the upholstery in this room designed by Nicole Salvesen.
'Capretto' in Tomato and Cobalt by Serena Dugan

The beauty of the red, white, and blue colour scheme lies in its harmonious blend of warm and cool tones. The fiery warmth of red pairs beautifully with the cool serenity of blue, while white acts as a neutral anchor, tying the two together. This balance creates a visually appealing atmosphere that's both energizing and calming.

Bert Frank
The vibrant blue hue of the Revolve Table Lamp from Bert Frank pairs beautifully in this living space filled with character.
‘Brown Paper Stripe’ in Blue by Adam Bray for Hamilton Weston Wallpapers
‘Brown Paper Stripe’ in Blue by Adam Bray for Hamilton Weston Wallpapers
Dining space featuring Rapture & Wright
Dining space featuring Rapture & Wright 'Albaicin' wallpaper in Indigo
Interior Design by Rosi De Ruig
Rosi De Ruig's bedroom featuring walls covered in Flora Robert’s dusky pink ‘Camellia Petit’ for Hamilton Weston Wallpapers. 
Bedroom design via Natasha Hulse
This charming bedroom via Natasha Hulse has us swooning featuring ‘Ivan Dual’ in Prussia Blue/Natural from Volga Linen on the cushions.
'Wild Daisy’ in Blue from Studio Atkinson
‘Persian Poppy’ in Red from Volga Linen
‘Persian Poppy’ in Red from Volga Linen

We love how red, white & blue can be easily adapted to suit various styles, from traditional to modern, coastal to country. Whether you're looking to create a cozy cottage feel or a sleek contemporary space, this colour combination can be tailored to fit your vision.

Studio Atkinson Wallpaper Border
Reggie Wallpaper Border in Red/Black from Studio Atkinson
Bedroom covered in Marika Meyer textiles
Bright and cheery bedroom covered in textiles from Marika Meyer with 'Beatrix' on the lampshade, ‘Laurel Leaf’ on the Cushion, and ‘San Michele’ on the headboard.
Willow from Marika Meyer
‘Willow’ from Marika Meyer
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