6 Ways to Introduce Pantone's 'Viva Magenta' Into Your Home

Collage of rooms featuring Viva Magenta

If you're feeling a bit tired of the same old colors, why not try something new? Pantone declared the 2023 color of the year is Viva Magenta, and it's everything you need for an inspired home. We’ve rounded up 6 tips that are perfect for adding Viva Magenta to your next project. 

Viva Magenta was chosen by Pantone because it evokes the energy of Earth's natural vigor. Being an optimistic color that's meant to inspire hope and vivacity. “In this age of technology, we look to draw inspiration from nature and what is real,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute. “Viva Magenta descends from the red family, and is inspired by the red of cochineal, one of the most precious dyes belonging to the natural dye family as well as one of the strongest and brightest the world has known.”  It's bold, energetic, and vibrant--and it can be used in your home as a way to bring some life into your everyday. It's easier then you think to integrate into your existing decor—just follow these tips:

1. Art

Bringing art into your home is our favorite way to add interest and personality to your space, and is perfect for adding a pop of color if you are hesitant to have your room covered in it. 

2. Wallpaper

When used in abundance, the fearless shade infuses a room with electric energy and makes for a bold statement. We love how Viva Magenta perfectly balances warm and cool tones, making it workable in any space. Choose from a wallpaper that highlights the shade like 'Maroc in Cranberry' from Rapture & Wright (part of the Lucy Rose Design Collection) or look for a print that features the color as an accent instead of making it the primary hue like 'Mighty Jungle in Lilac' by The Vale London

Beth Diana Smith Interior Design / feat. The Vale Mighty Jungle
Beth Diana Smith Interior Design / feat. T​​he Vale Mighty Jungle
Wallpaper Swatches available at Fritz Porter
​​From right to left: Maroc in Cranberry Rapture & Wright, Mighty Jungle in Lilac The Vale London, Uppark Tapestry Room Hamilton Weston

3. Lampshades

But if you’re not looking for a total commitment like wallpaper then these next two tips are perfect for you. Let us recommend a simple lampshade swap, it’s not drastic but it's dramatic enough to change the whole feel of your room. Give it a try with lampshades we have in stock or if you’re looking for a specific size or print, order from our made to order collection.

Fermoie Wicker Lampshade in Fuschia
​​Julian Chichester / Fermoie Lampshade

4. Pillows

Pillows are our favorite way to transform any space that doesn’t break the bank or require much commitment. Why not explore the world of Viva Magenta with a cushion or throw. Small accessories like these can easily be swapped out and moved around, so you can decide how much color you want. It also gives you time to live with the vibrant hue and evaluate what effect it has on you.

Rapture & Wright Bedroom
Rapture & Wright The ​​headboard is in Albaicin, the wallpaper is Tin Glaze, and the cushions are in Iznik and Maroc

5. Fabrics

As the color grows on you (which we're sure it will), you can take it onto furniture or as a window treatment. Combine the saturated hue with a gorgeous texture, like velvet, and you have yourself the most beautiful seat in the house. Or bring new energy to an older piece and re-upholster one you already have - restore a family heirloom, or give a new lease of life to a second-hand find. There’s endless ways to show Viva Magenta some love through fabrics.

Living Room with Fuchsia Thayer Coggin Sectional
Katie Shroder / featuring ​​Thayer Coggin sofa
Fabrics Swatches available at Fritz Porter
​​From right to left: Marquee Painswick Weave Liberty London, Flame Aubergine Gold LISA CORTI, Tulip Vine in Deep Rose Susan Deliss

6. Tablescape

Viva Magenta is the perfect shade for adding some color to your dinner table, and there are plenty of ways to do it.  Incorporate with a tablecloth, napkins, or glassware like our Estelle Colored Wine Glasses. Try mixing different shades of magenta together for an even more vibrant and blended look. 

Tablescape with Lisa Corti Fabric
Lisa Corti | ​​Flame Aubergine Gold
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