Color Theory 101: Green

Rapture and Wright Room
Rapture and Wright​​

We are surrounded by colors, and with them being part of our everyday spaces and moods, we strive to find perfect harmony with the colors in our lives. As design trends come and go picking a color can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. To help you ease into color, we’ll be taking more analytical approach to help you perfect any palette. This month, we're looking at the color green.

The color green has always been associated with growth, balance, and harmony, making it the perfect hue to surround ourselves with. Green is seen as a netural and it's calming effect works beautifully in virtually any space. When learning more about this color we dove into the exuberant celebration of the color green in Carlos Mata’s book “Forever Green” and found every reason to use green in our homes.

Forever Green book cover by Carlos Matos
Background: Serena Dugan Wallpaper​​
From left to right:
From left to right: 'Squirrel and Sunflower' St Judes Fabrics, 'Craft Stripe' Adam Bray, 'Offcut​​' Josh Greene Design

Green surrounds us in our everyday lives. As Carlos Mota said in Forever Green, “Green is like water; it is everywhere”. Green is a relaxing and soothing color, it’s the color of Mother Earth. Our Textile Director, Becky LaRoche exclaims “Our fearful and wondrous world of nature is perfectly suited to be the muse for our homes and how we live.” Green is the perfect hue for those seeking interiors that feel connected to the natural world. With being associated with nature, this shade can evoke feelings of tranquility, even studies have shown that being in a room with green reduces stress, and who wouldn't want that?

Carlos Mota / Architecture Digest / Photo by​​ Roger Davies
From left to right:
From left to right: 'Gingko' S​​hweta Mistry, 'Martha' Lulie Wallace, 'Artichoke' Erika M Powell Textiles

How to use the color green

Green has the same calming attributes as blue, but with a bit of energy from its addition of yellow-think Spring and the renewal that season brings after a long winter’s sleep. A perfect shade for those looking for something uplifting that doesn’t feel too heavy. 

“Green doesn't have a price tag; it is the most universal and popular of colors”, says Carlos “It looks great in a palazzo in Venice or a studio apartment in Brooklyn.” Green is a neutral but has a broad spectrum of colors so it can evoke a lot of different feelings, with so many different shades and tones to choose from-you can go bold with a Kelly Green or subtle with Sage, depending on what kind of effect you want to create in your home.

Living room designed by Jessica Buckley
Jessica Buckley featuring Rapture and Wright​​

“Green is like water; it is everywhere”

- Carlos Mota

Pages from Forever Green by Carlos Mota
Pages from '​​Forever Green' by Carlos Mota

Inspired by Green

Green bulter
Lulie Wallace​​
Revolve Table Lamp
Revolve Table Lamp in Green from Bert Frank ​​
Living room featuring Oakley chair and ottoman from Verellen
​​Haus Love / Photography by Sarah Shields featuring our Verellen Oakley Chair + Ottoman
Green living room
Architecture Digest /​​ Photo by Eric Piasecki
Maison Levy
Maison ​​Levy
Vanessa Arbuthnott
Vanessa Arbuthnott part of the ​​Lucy Rose Design Collection
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