How to Invite the Barbiecore Trend Into Your Home

Bedroom designed by Summer Thornton
Summer Thornton Design

Fashion and pop culture has a powerful influence on the way we decorate our homes. The recent release of the new Barbie film featuring Margot Robbie has brought back an iconic 90s aesthetic, inspiring the emergence of "Barbiecore Interiors". This microtrend has been popularized by social media and TikTok and aims to recreate the magic of the Barbie Dream House within one's own living space. With Barbie's Dream House celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, nostalgic dollhouses with hyper-feminine designs can be seen everywhere. But this trend is more than just a nod to nostalgia; it represents a new way of reclaiming and celebrating femininity, while embracing a sense of playfulness and empowerment in the face of a tumultuous world.

Alejandra Alonso Rojas’s apartment photographed by David Mitchell
Alejandra Alonso Rojas’s apartment photographed by David Mitchell
Erika M. Powell
Erika M. Powell Textiles

At the heart of the Barbiecore trend is a desire for escapism and a return to the enchantment of childhood. While the orginial barbie dream house was much more subdude, the barbiecore trend takes a bolder approach. These candy-colored utopias serve as portals to a bygone era, allowing us to momentarily retreat into a fantasy realm. Barbiecore Interiors focuses on vibrant colours, especially pink, and luxurious textures to achieve decorated spaces that ooze glamour and leisure.

While Barbie has often been criticized in the past for perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards, the Barbiecore trend signals a shift in perception. It embraces the idea of being unapologetically girly, whimsical, and playful. By celebrating the power of pink aesthetics and rejecting the traditional associations with domesticity, Barbiecore empowers individuals to embrace their own unique identities and reimagine the possibilities of self-expression.

The outdoor space designed by Ellen Hamilton
Outdoor space designed by Ellen Hamilton.

1. Go Bold with Colors 

Barbiecore is all about vibrant and eye-catching colors. Embrace the spirit of Barbie by incorporating shades of peony pink, bubblegum, and electric blue into your space. Mix and match these shades to create a playful and energetic atmosphere. Don't be afraid to experiment with wallcovering, furniture pieces, or even statement artwork to infuse your interiors with a splash of Barbiecore charm.

Lisa Corti
Lisa Corti

2. Invite Luxe Textures 

To truly capture the essence of Barbiecore, incorporate luxurious textures into your design. Velvet, faux fur, and satin materials are perfect for creating a glam ambience. Consider adding a plush velvet couch, a faux fur rug, or satin throw pillows to your space. These textures not only add a touch of sophistication but also provide a comfortable and cozy feel.

Laura Butler Madden
Laura Butler Madden featuring Bert Frank Lighting

3. Make a Statement 

No Barbiecore interior is complete without some statement pieces that make a bold and glamorous impact. Look for unique furniture designs with sleek curves, metallic finishes, or acrylic elements to capture the essence of Barbie's iconic style. Invest in a chandelier with dangling crystals or a sleek mirrored coffee table that oozes sophistication. These pieces will serve as conversation starters and create a truly show-stopping atmosphere.

Thayer Coggin
Thayer Coggin

4. Play is at the Heart 
of Barbiecore 

Barbiecore is all about embracing your inner child and being playful through design. Incorporate elements like a neon sign with a sassy quote, a vintage arcade game, or a glamorous dressing area complete with a vanity mirror and statement lighting. Infusing your space with these whimsical touches will create an environment that is both stylish and entertaining.

Kellie Brown via Apartment Thearpy
Kellie Brown
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