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701 East Bay Street, Suite 106
Charleston, SC, 29403


Fritz Porter is one of Charleston's best places to shop. We are an interior design showroom open to both the public and to the trades. We feature unique home furnishings, fabrics, lighting fixtures, antiques, vintage finds, fine art and new furniture. 

Lucca by Renee Bouchon

SHOP + Well and Wonder

Lucca by Renee Bouchon

Renee Bouchon Lucca.jpeg
Renee Bouchon Lucca.jpeg

Lucca by Renee Bouchon


Lucca by Renee Bouchon


Mixed media on canvas - gouache, ink oil pastel, charcoal, and acrylic 

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Vivacious New Orleans is her hometown, but Renee also has a passion for a slower- paced life on the coast—exploring the narrow streets and alleyways of Charleston or burying her feet in the white sand of Gulf beaches. Many of her color choices are inspired by her travels; specifically, life on the water.

In paintings, Renee often matches vibrant tones with differing amounts of white space, layering color over color with brushes and palette knives to explore new patterns and textures. “When I begin a painting, I typically work from an image or a memory that I want to convey on canvas or paper.”