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701 East Bay Street, Suite 106
Charleston, SC, 29403


Fritz Porter is one of Charleston's best places to shop. We are an interior design showroom open to both the public and to the trades. We feature unique home furnishings, fabrics, lighting fixtures, antiques, vintage finds, fine art and new furniture. 

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Fritz Porter's design blog featuring interiors, inspirations, images that are nothing but Eye Candy and the Inside Scoop on our vendors and design center. 

INSIDE SCOOP: Giving Thanks

Carlye Jane Dougherty

I came across these wise words a while back and it struck a cord with me. All too often we take for granted those who have helped us along the way. We assume they know how grateful we are for all they have done. But hearing someone tell you now much you are appreciated never gets old. And it is important to let others know how thankful we are for their unyielding support, their sage advice, and their overall encouragement of our endeavors. Everyone needs props once in a while, so in honor of Thanksgiving, I would like to give a shout out to those who helped turn Fritz Porter from a hair brained dream into a wondrous reality....

To Porter and Fritz--Thank you for being such an inspiration to me

My family--who simultaneously serve as cheerleaders, role models and emotional support system

My boys--thank you all for being patient and understanding, when I am late for carpool or miss a game. And to Matt for becoming Mr. Mom for a few months so I could get this thing going....


To Bert (and the rest of Trident Construction)...for guiding me through the construction process and being patient with me and my change orders. 

To Melissa -- for being the muse that helped chart our course, for offering sage advice, and for being one hell of a road warrior. 


To Claire-for keeping the numbers on track, giving the "business" to anyone who steps out of line,  and for showing me the joy in coupons


To Carlye Jane - For running this chaotic show with grace and poise and being game to take on any challenge--even Sirce the peacock

To Patrick - for your precise measurements, your attention to detail, and your willingness to move mountains, literally. 

To Allisyn - for jumping in head first, hitting the ground running, and for your uncanny ability to learn on the fly. 

And finally to all of our fantastic vendors, thank you for your unyielding patience, your impeccable taste, and your belief in the Fritz Porter vision...without you, this would have never flown, much like our friend Tom the Turkey here. 

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.....