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701 East Bay Street, Suite 106
Charleston, SC, 29403


Fritz Porter is one of Charleston's best places to shop. We are an interior design showroom open to both the public and to the trades. We feature unique home furnishings, fabrics, lighting fixtures, antiques, vintage finds, fine art and new furniture. 

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Fritz Porter's design blog featuring interiors, inspirations, images that are nothing but Eye Candy and the Inside Scoop on our vendors and design center. 

INSIDE SCOOP: Textures Uncovered

Carlye Jane Dougherty


Fritz Porter is located in a historic building in Charleston called The Cigar Factory.

For years leading up to the renovation that we just completed, the building was largely unused and abandoned. As preservationist and architects in Charleston will tell you: that's kind of a dreamy and ideal state in which to begin a project.

There are a lot of amazing elements about the space Fritz Porter is lucky enough to occupy, but one of our very favorites is the wonderful textures uncovered during the renovation.

The building was erected in 1881, which means it's over 130 years old, and we're discovering there are that many layers of wood, stains and paint we uncovered on the beams. We loved the look of what we found so much, we left them as they were to become one of the token hallmarks characterizing this next iteration in this beautiful building.